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Learning difficulties in particular (the dyslexia) is widespread and without exact solution in Turkey. Açık Mavi in 2014 gathered a team of specialists to investigate the applied methods in other countries about this issue.

This team started to research the countries which were successful in education system such as (South Korea, Singapore, Finland, the United Kingdom and the United States) the mentioned team investigate this countries approach, the scientific researches and the institutions about the learning difficulties and they did a great survey on what causes this disorders and what the possible and apply able solution is available for these kind of disorders. They made several interviews and got varieties of consultancy from the reputable specialists in this field.

In 2015 to add new experiences and new approaches in our country Açık Mavi organized "Preschool Child Development Conference" this conference were the first conference in history of Turkey about preschool learning difficulties. In this conference Prof. Dr. Robert Titzer and his assistant psychoanalyst Dr. Amin Hosseini gave information about learning difficulties and teaching methods to experts, academic professionals and school administrators.

This conference made a great impress on Turkish academia and in 2016 METU invited them for academic and professional seminar about "New Psychological Perspectives for Baby's and Children”. In the same year Uludağ University asked for a conference about "Baby and Child Psychology" this series of conferences followed by workshops and seminars and there are a list of some of them in below:

1. Middle East Technical University (Growth pattern in children) 2016
2. Turkish Airlines Kindergarten (Pre-school Teaching Tips) 2016
3. Okyanus Kolejleri (Pre-school Teaching Tips) 2016
4. Doğa Okulları (Learning Problems / Dyslexia) 2016
5. Gelecek Koleji (Psychological Analyze) 2016
6. Hamdullah Suphi Tanrıöver Lisesi (Children Analysis) 2016
7. Uludağ University 2016
8. Gymboree (Baby and Child Education) 2016

Açık Mavi is made of international experts in 2014. We have worked with 312 cases and we have gotten successfully results. In our 312 case studies in learning difficulties such as (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia ...) all the cases defined with conducted test and were solved with an special education and reported.

Açık Mavi in process with this gained experience, information, knowledge, and international experts support decide to turn from initiative to corporate establishment; Açık Mavi Solution Center.

Açık Mavi Psychological Counseling and Training Center's primary goal is to reveal the causes of the correct diagnosis for learning disabilities. With the scientific tests detect cause of the problem and put forward the definition than educational process start for the solution and feedback the completion of within report of progress.

With group training Dyslexia solutions are guaranteed with 50 hours. This period can be shortened to 30 hours in one to one training.

Our center in 2017 will start an internationally recognized certificate program for the trainers about learning disabilities -known as dyslexia in Turkey -

Açık Mavi also provides consultancy in the development of teaching and learning methods to schools.

AÇIKMAVİ Solution Center : UBM Plaza,19 Mayıs Mah. 19 Mayıs Cd. No.37 Kat.3 Fulya - Şişli / İSTANBUL

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