Pain Management Psychology Service

Açık Mavi in the Pain Management provides a specialist service including assessment, treatment and management planning, as well as group and individual therapy to patients and their families. The service also provides consultation to other members of staff and outside agencies in relation to psychological aspects of chronic pain and chronic pain management.

See a psychologist, "Are you saying the pain is in my head?"

No, chronic pain is real! You know what hurts even if others can’t see it. Being asked to see a psychologist does not mean that the pain is in your head or that you are crazy! For years, psychologists have been involved in helping people learn to manage both their pain and its consequences.

Living with chronic pain can bring additional stresses and strains to many areas of life. For everybody, uncomfortable emotions and worries can occur in response to all sorts of situations, and these can make life more difficult and less enjoyable.

Psychological concerns can impact upon your physical health, such as through behavior (e.g. not paying as much attention to our health when we feel down) and through the effects of stress on the body.


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