Amin Hosseini


Amin Hosseini, born in 1983 is a psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist and medical acupuncturist. After finishing university he starts working as an assistant with the world highest academic ranking professors such as professor Titzer and professor Massaro. He finishes Psychoanalysis, Clinic Psychology and Medical Acupuncture. In 2015 he started research in Turkey as Professor Robert Titzer’s head assistant and research team manager. Right now he gives advice and counseling to AçıkMavi.


Lucknow University
Pune University
University of Malaya


Psychoanalyst Clinical Psychologist
Medical Acupuncturist
Medical Hypnotherapist


  • Observed and monitored client behavior and responses to treatment.
  • Recorded client information on special flow sheets, accurately indicating suicidal precautions, sleep flow and restraints.
  • Monitored client census by using the Daily Movement Report and recording admissions, discharges, doctor appointments and site visit data.
  • Facilitated a smooth discharge by encouraging and reassuring clients throughout their transitions.
  • Conducted therapeutic individual and family therapy sessions.
  • Developed and implemented treatment plans and modified when needed.
  • Directed family-centered, strengths-based, culturally competent and individualized intakes and assessments.
  • Trained in substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and the effect of employment and housing issues on mental health.
  • Connected clients with community service and resource agencies.
  • Provided comprehensive case management services, including creating treatment plans and connecting clients and families to appropriate resources.
  • Displayed sensitivity to the cultural and linguistic needs of the clients and families served.
  • Ran individual therapy and family therapy sessions for children.
  • Guided clients in effective therapeutic exercises integrated from Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).
  • Maintained a caseload of more than 500 children in public schools and group home placements.
  • Aided parents in arranging medication evaluations and psychological testing.
  • Led summer day treatment groups and therapeutic activities to teach functional living skills and address behavioral issues.
  • Participated in a nine month collaborative training program on theories and implementation of Combined Parent Child Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Developed goal-oriented psychoeducational and activity therapy groups to improve clients level of functioning.
  • Kept abreast of new and developing information in the mental health eld by regularly attending professional conferences and workshops.
  • Presented case history material to review and discussion with other staff members.
  • Involved clients’ family members in planning social service programs.
  • Documented psychiatric services and responses to treatment in patient case les.
  • Offered and documented treatment consent forms in patient health records.
  • Oversaw 200 psychiatric, psychologist nursing staff.
  • Served as a lead psychoanalyst on the Medical Treatment Review Commit- tee.
  • Consulted with and trained highly skilled mental health and medical staff.
  • Led educational seminars and lectures at local community mental health centers to expand awareness of mental health symptoms and issues.
  • Offered expert testimony for legal consultations and court hearings.
  • Organized clinical interventions and treatment plans for patients suffering from chronic pain disorders.
  • Improved outcomes of patients with psychiatric and co-morbid chronic pain conditions.
  • Managed a caseload of 300 patients with substance dependence and co-occurring Axis I and Axis II disorders.
  • Strategized with clinical team to prevent inmate diversion, abuse and recidivism.
  • Frequently testified as an expert witness in juvenile transfer cases.
  • Mediated conflicts within families to clarify and resolve underlying issues.
  • Ran outpatient clinic serving adult, geriatric, child and adolescent patients.
  • Ran a residential treatment center for adolescents with addiction and abuse pathology.
  • Successfully improved student participation in the classroom through integration of creative role-playing exercises.
  • Implemented reading and writing workshops to increase student literacy and support school reading programs.
  • Assisted in developing student-led after-school tutoring program to teach under-privileged students.
  • Developed program to work with students and increase interest in higher learning.
  • Modified the general education curriculum for special-needs students based upon a variety of instructional techniques and technologies.
  • Organized grade records to increase reference speed.
  • Enforced the Buddy System mentoring program between 1st and 5th grade students, increasing student development and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Fostered meaningful relationships among students through student eld- trip retreats and team-work community service projects.
  • Developed and taught lessons on relevant children’s books, poems, movies and themes to promote student interest.
  • Introduced Speed Read Program adopted statewide.
  • Improved student test scores on state math test in one year period by implementing new curriculum.
  • Provided key support for library expansion project.
  • Improved average scores on State Science.
  • Met with parents to resolve conflicting educational priorities and issues..
  • Communicated nonverbally with children to provide them with comfort, encouragement and positive reinforcement.
  • Created strategies to meet the needs of mentally and physically disabled students.
  • Taught reading, language arts and social sciences in a self-contained ED and LD classroom.
  • Instructed students in academic areas and reading groups.
  • Instructed students with disabilities.
  • Implemented and taught a life skills program.
  • Designed and implemented a point system to encourage positive behavior.
  • Redirected students using Positive Behavior Support (PBS).
  • Coordinated special education students and teacher assistant schedules with the master schedule.
  • Led activities that developed students’ physical, emotional and social growth.
  • Physically and verbally interacted with students throughout the day.
  • Established a safe play environment for the students.
  • Redirected poor behavior using the positive reinforcement method
  • Gave one-on-one attention to students, while maintaining overall focus on the entire group.
  • Counseled individuals and families regarding mental health, substance abuse, physical abuse and rehabilitation issues.
  • Supported patients and families in coping with problems resulting from severe illness.
  • Collaborated with the program director to determine and reduce the risk of self-harm and suicide.
  • Trained 50 behavioral health staff members in how to support patients in transition.
  • Trained in working with patients with Asperger’s Syndrome and high functioning Autism.
  • Trained specialized foster parents as part of an overall service plan for children with severe behavioral and emotional needs.
  • Investigated suspected cases of child abuse, neglect and exploitation.
  • Tailored lesson plans for students with emotional and cognitive disabilities.
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of training programs and recommended improvements to upper management.
  • Coordinated ongoing technical training and personal development classes for staff members.
  • Conducted orientation sessions and organized on-the-job training for new hires.
  • Managed all exempt employee coaching, training and performance improvement actions.
  • Trained staff during demonstrations, meetings, conferences and workshops.
  • Applied adult learning and performance expertise to assess behavioral and ability issues impacting work performance.
  • Trained new hires to perform cross-training exercises with experienced workers.
  • Administered compensation, benefits and performance management systems and safety and recreation programs.
  • Analyzed and modified compensation and benefits policies to establish competitive pro-grams and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  • Presses and media consultant
  • Handwriting analyzer
  • Dream analyzer
  • Sexual therapy

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