Karim Sanaei


Karim Sanaei born in 1952 is a Swedish Psychologist and Sociologist. He work is as professor in several universities such as Stockholm, Uppsala and Banaras Hindu University. Also he worked several years as Swedish government researcher on educational systems for children with special psychological issues. He was visiting patients as Psychologist for more than 25 years in Stockholm for both governmental hospitals and private clinics. He got his last PhD from Banaras Hindu University in 2013. He has researched more than 20 years on ADHD and found the special way of treatment for them without using any medicines.


Umea University
Uppsala University
University of Stockholm
Skondal University


“Myths of Concentration and Attention Disorders ADHD in Children and Teenagers in Sweden” Published in An International Multidisciplinary Research Journal Year 2, No. 7, Issued October 2012.

“A Survey of Science in Iran and the Middle East Before Renascence” Published in A Research Journal of New Thoughts, Department of Philosophy, J.N. College, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, Year 2, Volume VI, 2013

School Personnel, Psychologists and Authorities’ Comments

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The Points Stated by Children in Interviews

The Effects of Medication in Children

An Alternative for ADHD and DAMP

Social-psychological Stress

The economic crisis

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Social Communications

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Globalization, Urbanization, and Social Support

Social Network

What Is the Optimum Social Network?

Challenges of Family Breakdown, Separation and Divorce among Parents and Their Impact on Children

Women Headed Household

Adoptive Children

The Effect of Alcohol Abuse on Family

Emotional Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Withdrawn Behavior

Consequences of Being Bullied

Parents Lack of Knowledge in Performing Intricate Guidance Tasks

Chaotic Lives

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