Dyslexia in the World
DSM-5 SPECIFIC LEARNING DISORDER To be diagnosed with specific learning disorder, a person must have difficulties in at least one of the following areas. The symptoms must have continued for at least six months despite targeted help.
  • Difficulty reading (e.g., inaccurate, slow and only with much effort)
  • Difficulty understanding the meaning of what is read
  • Difficulty with spelling
  • Difficulty with written expression (e.g., problems with grammar, punctuation or organization)
  • Difficulty understanding number concepts, number facts or calculation
  • Difficulty with mathematical reasoning (e.g., applying math concepts or solving math problems)
Reading problems can include difficulties with reading accuracy, reading rate or fluency, and reading comprehension. Dyslexia refers to learning difficulties related to word recognition, decoding and spelling.
Problems with written expression can include difficulties with spelling, grammar and punctuation, and with clarity or organization of written expression. Dysgraphia is a term used to describe difficulties with handwriting.
Problems with math can include difficulties with number sense, memorizing math facts, math calculations or math reasoning/problem solving. Dyscalculia is a term used to describe difficulties learning math facts and performing math calculations.

DYSLEXIA IN THE WORLD (How to solve?, tests, educations...)
- Boston Naming Test (The Psychological Corporation.)
- Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children
- Minnesota Percepto-Diagnostic Test
- Quick Neurological Screening Test, Revised Edition
- Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale: 5th Edition (SB5)
- Wechsler Memory Scale –2nd and 3rdand 4th and 5th Edition
- Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence
- Wide Range Achievement Test
- Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning
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